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The Assembly Theatre was built in 1934 by mill owner and philanthropist Austin T. Levy. Mr. Levy and his wife, June Rockwell Levy donated the Assembly to the Town of Burrillville in order for the residents to enjoy performing artists and theater. The Board of Administration was created by Mr. Levy in 1934 to oversee the Assembly Theatre and the Board continues to manage and maintain this beautiful historic theater to this day.

The theater is found in historic Burrillville, Rhode Island.  The theater hosts concerts of various kinds, theater productions of the highest quality and events of various kinds throughout the year.  

It was build for the purpose of bringing art and theater to Burrillville, we are opening the doors to become the next premiere venue for all events in Southern New England.

Do not miss the opportunity to come out and enjoy a show at the wonderfully beautiful ASSEMBLY THEATER. 



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